Single? No, I’m just in relationship with freedom

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Over the past 6 years, I always had a man by my side to make me feel complete. I was in relationship for 3 years and half. Everything was all rosy. Everything started right. He made me feel like the only woman for him.  Not ounce I ever question his love for me, but behind everything that shine there is a dust that lies behind it. We were in the relationship for 3 years and half. I planned everything with this man, but I ended up getting hurt at the end. Within those 3 years and half together he was cheating on me even to a point where he was planning on getting married. HA! WHAT A SCHOCK!  At that time I felt like there nothing else for me again. I lost my self-esteem. I did not find myself pretty enough. All this thoughts kept going in my head. Who will want you again? You are not pretty enough. Break ups do hurt.  It took me a while to gain my self-esteem back. I’m single and enjoying every bit of it.  I’m happy I got out of that toxic relationships.

By the time I found out it was too late because he went and got married. What a SHOCK huh!  The feelings of not having someone around make me feel like I’m a less of person, not beautiful enough, not worthy enough.


The future belongs to me

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“If you educate a woman, you educate a family/nation” (Catherine Esther Beecher). Through the struggle, the pain, considering myself stupid good for nothing, and the tears, I will be the first person in my family to get a college degree. After graduating from high school, college wasn’t for me back then. I was that person who listens to that still voice saying, “You can’t do this; people that go to college or university are smart.” And yes, that still voice hinders me down until I see life passing me by. Jan 1, 2011, my life changed for the better. I realized there are more that I can give rather than letting my dreams pass me by. United States of American is a country where dreams are made possible, only if you work for it. Coming from a developing country where healthcare is very poor, and to a point where people died if they can not afford to go to the hospital, I intend on using my knowledge, skills, and ability to apply what I have learned when I go back home. I strongly believe that education holds the key to success in whatever we want to do to in life.  Health in particular has been my interest for sometime and I plan on dedicating my life to help others.  I hope to gain knowledge and skills that I can apply to my future career in the health field.




Grateful to see another day today

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To be quiet honest I have seen a better days and I also have seen a worse days. I’m thankful for the opportunities that come my way. I might not have everything that I want in life but I’m grateful for he one that I have now. Each day is a blessing for me because I have another chance to try again on what I have failed to do a day before. We are ought to take into consideration if we want to be happy and enjoy our life and what comes with. Life is full of laughter and more blessing.To be honest I wouldn’t have being here today if it Wasn’t the grace of God. I came to United States September 1st. But the actual plan was to leave September 10 and get here on the 11. That same fly that hit the world Trade Center was the same fly that we were going to take. I’m thankful am alive.

Things that parents should never ask?

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When are you going to settle down?

When are you going to find someone nice that is comparable to you so you can get married?

Oops! You are hitting your 30’s.

Have you ever find yourself sitting around the dinner table with your parents while they ask you again if you have met anyone special? So, for the past few years my mother has being hitting me with this marriage shenanigan.  My mother is a typical African mom. When a female reach certain age there are ought to be in serious relationship that will lead to marriage someday. Whether my mom admit it or not, her desire is to see me married and have the life that I desire and to her this mean settling with a life partner. Pressure from parents pursuing you to get married varies from culture to culture according to our traditional norms. Place like TOGO, married is a big deal. When you get married you are ought to be submissive to your husband.  I’m that type of person who likes to follow my mind, my heart, but not peer pressure.  When it comes with dealing with pushing parents, we tend to fall into things that we don’t want our self.  I believe in marriage, love, and all that good stuff. But, I just can’t see myself settling down because that’s what my mother want.