Grateful to see another day today

Photo Credit: tbone_sandwich Flickr via Compfight cc

To be quiet honest I have seen a better days and I also have seen a worse days. I’m thankful for the opportunities that come my way. I might not have everything that I want in life but I’m grateful for he one that I have now. Each day is a blessing for me because I have another chance to try again on what I have failed to do a day before. We are ought to take into consideration if we want to be happy and enjoy our life and what comes with. Life is full of laughter and more blessing.To be honest I wouldn’t have being here today if it Wasn’t the grace of God. I came to United States September 1st. But the actual plan was to leave September 10 and get here on the 11. That same fly that hit the world Trade Center was the same fly that we were going to take. I’m thankful am alive.


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